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We have designed 22 different experiences for you. Pick your favorites and we will assist you in planning your next dream experience in Cusco.

El camino al Antisuyo

Type:                 trekking

Max altitude:     3650 m.a.s.l. / 11975 ft

Distance:           6.8 km   / 4.22 mi

Duration:           4 hours                             

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Highlights:         Inkilltambo temple


                          Moon temple

In the time of the Incas, from the main square of Cusco, 4 roads departed towards the 4 cardinal points. These roads connected the different towns that made up the Tahuantinsuyo (territory covered by the Incas). We will explore the path that led to the jungle and we will visit some of its temples dedicated to Andean spirituality and astronomy.


Tradiciones cusqueñas

Type:                  trekking

Max altitude:     3400 m.a.s.l. / 11154 ft            

Distance:           3.5 km   / 2.17 mi

Duration:           4 hours                           

Difficulty level:  Easy

Highlights:         Plaza de Armas,

                          San Pedro market

                          San Blas

                          Qorikancha temple

The historical center of the city of Cusco is an open-air museum that combines Incan and colonial architecture. It tells the story of both periods, and how the fusion of the two cultures gave rise to the customs and traditions still practiced by the people of Cusco today. 


La sal y las semillas

Type:                  trekking

Max altitude:     3732 m.a.s.l. / 12244 ft  Distance             11.8 km  /  7.33 mi            

Duration:            7 hours              

Difficulty level:   Moderate

Highlights:         Moray archaelogical site

                          Maras Salt flats

                          Maras Town

The hike from the Misminay farming community to the Maras salt mines will reveal the agricultural technology developed by the ancient South American people for seed adaptation.  In the middle of farm fields and with the impressive view of the Vilcanota mountain range we will walk down to the Maras salt flats, a place that dates from over 800 years and is still used by locals to extract the popular pink salt in a very sustainable way.



Type:                  trekking

Max altitude:     4318 m.a.s.l. / 14166ft 

Distance:           13.3 km  /  8.26 mi         

Duration:           8 hours            

Difficulty level:  Difficult

Highlights:         Huchuyqosqo

                          Inca Trail

                          Qoriqocha lagoon

The walk to Huchuyqosqo offers a beautiful mosaic of natural landscapes as well as a recently restored Incan trail that skirts the mountainsides and ravines. Huchuyqosqo, meaning Little Cusco, was an astrological, religious, and agricultural site located at the top of the mountain...


Paddle board Ausangate

Type:                  trekking

Max altitude:     4436 m.a.s.l. / 14553 ft 

Distance:           11.7 km  /  7.27 mi

Duration:           7 hours            

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Highlights:        Piuray lagoon

                         Urquillos valley

                         Sacred Valley view

The hike begins at approximately 4300 meters above sea level. The sensation of contemplating the landscape from the top of the mountains is a unique experience. It descends progressively, managing to appreciate to one side, the enormity of the sacred valley. This hike gives us the possibility to enjoy the tranquility of the place and to meet again with nature. The hike ends at 2960 meters where the temperature will be higher and there will be more vegetation.



Type:                  trekking

Max altitude:     3762 m.a.s.l. / 12342 ft

Distance:            7.5 km   / 4.66 mi

Duration:            6 hours            

Difficulty level:   Moderate

Highlights:         Chinchero archaeological site

                          Poc Poc waterfalls

                          Pumacahua residence

We will visit Chinchero, a ceremonial site from the Incan period with agricultural terraces built into the mountainside. This site was used as a refuge for Manco Inca, leader of the Incan resistance after the Spanish invasion. From there, we will walk down an Incan trail through a canyon that will lead us to the Sacred Valley.


El tesoro de la laguna

Type:                  trekking

Max altitude:      4395 m.a.s.l. / 14419 ft            Distance:            10.9 km  /  6.77 mi    

Duration:            6 hours               

Difficulty level:   Moderate

Highlights:          Kimsaqocha lagoon

                           Paru Paru community 

                           ancestral knowledge

To get to the Qimsaqocha lagoons, we will walk across the heights of the mountains. At over 4000 meters above sea level, we will see a whole new ecosystem that is home to a variety of native species of plants and animals. Here lives a small population of local families that maintain ancestral practices related to Andean world view and agriculture.


Papa milenaria

Type:                 trekking

Max altitude:    4325 m.a.s.l./ 14189 ft    Distance           8.35 km  /  5.18 mi         

Duration:          8 hours              

Difficulty level: Moderate

Highlights:       Kimsaqocha lagoon

                        Paru Paru community

                        ancestral knowledge

                        Pisaq archaeological site

Peru is known for having the largest variety of potatoes in the world. There is a place in the Andes where the locals preserve the tradition of growing potatoes at over 4000 meters above sea level. Above all, they protect the legacy and ancestral knowledge that dates back over 8000 years ...

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