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We have designed 22 different experiences for you. Pick your favorites and we will assist you in planning your next dream experience in Cusco.

La ruta del maíz

Type:                 Mountain bike

Max altitude:     2960 m.a.s.l. / 9711 ft

Total distance:   32 km   / 19.88 mi

Duration:           3 hours                             

Difficulty level:  Easy

Highlights:         Taray community 

                          Urubamba river

                          Clorinda Matto's House

Cycling through the sacred valley is a relaxing and attractive experience that allows you to know the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the valley, as well as their main gastronomic and agricultural traditions.



Type:                  Mountain bike

Max altitude:     3570 m.a.s.l. / 11712 ft            

Total distance:   21 km   / 13.04 mi

Duration:           6 hours                             

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Highlights:         Huaypo lagoon

                          Moray archaeological site

                          Salt flats of Maras

The magic of the Andes allows you to appreciate its beauty through its fields and its people. This experience invites you to know the agricultural technology developed by the ancient Peruvians and their sustainable techniques of extracting natural resources such as the pink salt from Maras.



Type:                   Mountain bike

Max altitude:      4156 m.a.s.l. / 13635 ft 

Total distance:    14 km  /  8.69 mi            

Duration:            4 hours             

Difficulty level:   Moderate

Highlights:         Qoriqocha lagoon

                          Qenqo community

                          Sacred valley viewpoint


This experience offers a varied combination of nature, tranquility, physical effort at the top of the mountains. It requires basic knowledge of mountain biking on dirt roads and loose stone segments to enjoy the ride, however, the double suspension and pedal-assist bikes are a great help and offer comfort.


Vuelta a las lagunas

Type:                 Mountain bike

Max altitude:     3650 m.a.s.l. / 11975 ft

Distance:           35.6 km   / 22.12 mi

Duration:           5 hours                   

Difficulty level:  Difficult

Highlights:         Piuray Lagoon

                          Qoriqocha lagoon

Our most physically challenging and longest route takes us through different ecosystems at different altitudes, where not only the landscape varies, but also the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Between demanding climbs and the cold of the heights, we will get in touch with nature.


La pampa de Anta

Type:                  Mountain bike

Max altitude:     4780 m.a.s.l. / 15682 ft 

Total Distance:   15 km  /  9.33 mi            

Duration:             3 hours              

Difficulty level:   Easy

Highlights:         Killarumiyoc Inca temple

                          Zurite terraces

                          Huarocondo District

Visit the Killarumiyoc temple dedicated to the moon and cycle along the largest man-made agricultural terraces in the world. The landscape of the Pampa de Anta is an excellent option for family rides exploring little known destinations.

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