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We have designed 22 different experiences for you. Pick your favorites and we will assist you in planning your next dream experience in Cusco.

El camino del origen

Type:                 trekking

Max altitude:     4423 m.a.s.l. / 14511 ft

Total distance:   21.8 km   / 13.54 mi

Duration:           3 days                             

Difficulty level:  Difficult

Highlights:         Perolniyoc waterfalls

                          Raqaypata archaeologicla site

                          Intipunku sungate

                          Cachiq'ata quarry 

                          Ollantaytambo town

Many Inca cities were built on the tops of the mountains with gigantic stones brought from afar and required thousands of people for their transportation for decades. To know how this process was carried out is a part of the experience, next to the highest snow-capped mountain in the Sacred Valley that reminds us of the respect of its people for being a source of water and life.


Tejiendo mundos coloridos

Type:                  trekking

Max altitude:     5100 m.a.s.l. / 11154 ft            

Total distance:    20 km / 12.42 mi

Duration:           3 days                             

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Highlights:         Rainbow mountain

                          Qeswachaca bridge

                          Ausangate Snowcapped

Let's walk through the red valley and the rainbow mountain, in the high Andes, to learn about the ancient tradition of how the Quechua people build resistant bridges using only vegetable fibers like the ancient villagers used to do more than 800 years ago.

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