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We have designed 22 different experiences for you. Pick your favorites and we will assist you in planning your next dream experience in Cusco.

Parque de la papa

Type:                 Hiking

Max altitude:     4395 m.a.s.l. / 14419 ft

Total distance:   19.4 km   / 12.05 mi

Duration:           2 days                             

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Highlights:         Paru Paru Community 

                          Kimsaqocha lagoon

                          Pisaq archaeological site 

The two-day hike through the heights of the Urubamba Mountain Range is an exquisite mix of nature, beautiful landscapes, especially because of ancient culture. From participating in unique farming activities high in the mountains to being part of a local family who will open their doors to us and share the magic of living close to heaven. Both days, we will feel the cold of the heights and the warmth of a home in the middle of a remote landscape isolated from today's civilization.


Explorando Machupicchu

Type:                  trekking

Max altitude:     2769 m.a.s.l. / 9084 ft            

Total distance:   11.9 km   / 7.39 mi

Duration:           2 days                             

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Highlights:         Chachabamba


                          Intipunku (sungate)

                          Machupicchu city

Walking to Machupicchu is an incomparable experience, which reminds us how the Quechua people used to arrive at the sacred cities after long journeys that they took on foot from their homes. This wonderful experience will show us the harmonious relationship that exists between man and nature represented in its architecture and its way of understanding the universe.


La sabiduría de las plantas

Type:                   trekking

Max altitude:      4156 m.a.s.l. / 13635 ft 

Total distance:    16.8 km  /  10.43 mi            

Duration:            2 days             

Difficulty level:   Easy

Highlights:         Chonta Community

                          Andean Condor

                          Apurimac Canyon

                          Medicinal plants

Allow yourself to know the therapeutic properties that nature offers us through its plants in a small community on the top of the mountain where its inhabitants have kept such important ancestral knowledge for more than 800 years, as well as see the flight of the Andean condor in its natural habitat next to the impressive Apurimac Canyon.


Expresiones andinas

Type:                  trekking

Max altitude:     4780 m.a.s.l. / 15682 ft 

Total Distance:   15.5 km  /  9.63 mi            

Duration:            2 days              

Difficulty level:   Difficult

Highlights:         Mantanay private reserve

                          Milpo lagoon

                          Huilloq community

                          Weaving art  

The biodiversity of the Peruvian Andes is one of the main natural attractions in our journeys. The walk through the Mantanay Private Reserve takes us to another dimension crossing its forests of Queuña, (a native tree from the Andes), to the base of the glaciers that give rise to life. After two days of walking through different ecosystems, we will arrive at Florentina's house, our master weaver, together with other women from Huilloq, who will teach us the magic of Andean weaving.


Pasaje Retiro N° 414 Wanchaq

Cusco - Perú

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